Why I do what I do

I wish for a life of freedom, equal opportunity, and shared responsibility for the earth we live on. I really believe that in essence this is what many of us are looking for. Why this is not a reality yet, is because we get stuck in matters that don't matter. I simplify to uncover the essence of our being and the (inter)action that follows. If we get to the essence we create space for our potential, which makes us more effective and efficient in reaching our goals and creating a better world. I believe this is valid for individuals, groups and organisations.

How I do what I do

I start with curiosity, interest, fascination. Truly listening is like receiving gifts: the gift of someone's trust, thoughts, experience and respect. Be appreciative. My desire to make things better kicks in. An inner knowing that the answer is 'out there' makes me persevere in working towards the objective. This motivates me to fill the gaps, seek the detail, build bridges and connect the dots. To make the bigger picture emerge, keep focus on the essence and stay sensitive to my surroundings. I have the courage to thread the unknown, do things I'm not familiar with and I'm also humble enough to retreat to make way for people that are better suited for the job (yes please!). I don't believe in competition, but in co-creation. This doesn't mean I'm not selective with whom I work. I am. I use my imagination to envision possibilities and my creativity to build on solutions. I always try and sometimes fail and try again. Everyday's an experiment, go figure! My awareness that great things are only accomplished by teamwork, makes me look for everyone's strengths. I motivate with inspiration but also by mirroring back people's own potential. I always try to remember that in all situations we are both the teacher and the student.

What I do

There are many different paths and many different ways to contribute and have an impact. We all have to find out what our strengths are and what we find the most fun doing! My way is sharing ideas, supporting people working on the same goals and setting up ventures and joint-ventures to make the world I wish for a reality. - I share knowledge online about lifestyle choices that increase my happiness and effectiveness. - I connect like-minded people by organising meetups, workshops and conferences. - I set up ventures and joint-ventures to create a more sustainable and circular economy and help transition to 'old' to the 'new' world. On a few occasions I make myself available for longer-term projects. This is when a project:

  1. has a personal importance or significance to me;

  2. involves product, business-, or organisational development (key word is development);

  3. is a great international opportunity;

  4. involves developing and sharing entrepreneurial and leadership skills within organisations.

If my why, how and what matches your outlook in life. I invite you to get in touch.